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Year Of Boosting Production
sport facilities
University equipment and sport facilities
• Two sport complexes with the opportunity to play futsal, volleyball, badminton, basketball etc.
• Futsal Salon
• Health Salon
• Park sports ground

Counseling and Mental Health Center
The Student Counseling and Assistance Center at Torbat Heydarieh University is affiliated with the Department of Student and Cultural Affairs affiliated with the Counseling Office at the Ministry. All services of this center are fully specialized for students. The activities of this center are separated into two areas of psychological services (for clients) and assistance services (for applicants). In addition to providing services, educational and research activities and preventive measures are also provided by the center.
Goals of the Consultation Center:
1. Reducing students' psychological problems (due to being away from family, former living and ex-friends, resulting in reduced support and family controls, attendance at friends’ gatherings and dormitories, different educational backgrounds with the past, youth, and mixed campus environment) and helping to better adapt to the campus environment (including classes and exams, friends, professors, staff) through the provision of psychological support.
2. Preventing possible future psychological and educational problems
3. Reducing various problems through financial and medical aids and the like
4. Helping them in decision makings in the fields of education, marriage, occupation, and the like
5. Performing initial prevention or avoiding psychological problems by conducting workshops, holding Lectures, Questions and Answers Conferences, Conferences and Camps, distributing Brochures, Magazines, Books and CDs for Students, Staff and lecturers to enhance and improve their knowledge and skills to identify and intervene in crisis for students at risk of suicide.
6. Performing secondary prevention or avoiding psychological disorders in order to intervene, treat and reduce the duration of the disorder and provide necessary support through the conduct of national mental health surveys and outbreak research projects, identifying at-risk students through student support and counseling in student dormitories and in the Student Counseling Center
7. Preventing Tertiary Level or avoiding Developmental Disorders through Supportive Services, Rehabilitation and Assistance, Sport Classes, Hospitalization, Environmental Changes, such as Changing the Educational and Dormitory Environment (Proposed to the Special Commission), Providing Supportive Psychotherapy and introducing a psychiatrist; crisis intervention for students who have attempted suicide.
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