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UTH officials
The Presidency
The UTH Chancellor:
Full Name: Abbas Khashei-Siuki
Degree: Professor of  Water Science and Engineering
Contact Number: +98 (51) 51240000, Internal (104)
Email: abbaskhashei[at]torbath[dot]ac[dot]ir
Email: abbaskhashei[at]yahoo[dot]com

Office of Chancellor and Public Relations of the University 
Management Tasks of the Chancellor and Public Relations of the University
This management is responsible for the direct follow-up of the administrative and executive affairs of the Chancellor of the University and for the required coordination of the activities of the various departments of the university. That management is also responsible for managing the university website, advertising and information.
• Arranging and coordinating work schedules and meetings of the chancellor of the university
• Performing the management of the chancellor of the university and coordination of office communications of the chancellor of the university
• Performing the communication and follow-up of the orders of the chancellor of the university to university departments 
• Managing the formation and conduct of meetings of the chancellor of the university, arranging the meeting minutes, performing communications and their follow-ups, and making necessary communications in this regard.
• Responding to the problems of clients and performing the coordination and follow-ups of various university departments 
• Organizing meetings, arranging meeting schedules, coordinating public university events and activities, conducting ceremonial affairs and overseeing the proper execution of such activities.
• Communicating invitations with domestic and international individuals in cooperation with relevant departments and conducting related ceremonies
• Performing collection and dissemination of university news and information, internal and external information, advertising management and media, internet and environmental information of the university
• Performing all press and media affairs of the university and responding to external requests where appropriate.
• Managing the official university website and monitoring other university websites

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