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Development Center
Development Center:
Torbat Heydarieh, a geographical and economic highway in the region, has 8 universities and higher education centers with 10,000 students and a significant number of exemplary country elites in various disciplines. In addition, the city is known as the largest producer of saffron in the world and the leading producer of products such as silk, potatoes, wheat, pistachio, pomegranate, medicinal plants, etc.; where in the country, it is known as the eastern agricultural hub. It also has excellent reserves in 10 of the 33 types of minerals and in addition to the production activities of cement, sugar, tile, dairy, etc., which are famous in the east of the country, 2 steel plants are being set up in the north and south of the city. The studies for the establishment of refinery and petrochemical industries and clean and renewable energy structures are in process. For this purpose, the Torbat Heydarieh Development Center started its activities in 2014 with the support of Khorasan Science and Technology Park and Torbat Heydarieh University.
It is a comprehensive center and has sought to prioritize the support of companies commensurate with the region's comparative advantage. The Center has also attempted to play a role in the development of technology in the region through training and consulting, holding relevant events and programs, and interacting with industries and other related organizations.

Center Overview
• Starting date: November 2014
• Admission Priorities: Agriculture (Saffron Industry, Silk, Medicinal Plants, Pistachio, etc.), Mining Industries, and Information Technology
• Number of supported technology departments: 31
• Number of Current Developing Companies (early stage): 14
• Number of Current Developing Companies: 17

Interacting with Universities
The Center considered interaction with universities as one of its main missions and sought to establish effective communication with faculty members and students by developing a structured program. The followings are some of these proceedings:
• Holding educational workshops commensurate with the mission of the universities
• Providing expert consultation to students and professors
• Holding entrepreneurial events
• Holding entrepreneurship courses for departments
• Technology and motivational tours
• Holding entrepreneurship courses for departments
• Interacting with departments and organizations

The center sought to use the full capacity of all departments and organizations to handle educate, cultivate and facilitate corporate affairs. In this regard, establishing technology development headquarters in the city with the participation of the governor, it facilitated the conditions for corporate activity. It also sought to utilize the capacity to develop technology in the region, with the membership of the Administrative Council, the Employment Workgroup, the Resistance Economics Workgroup and the specialized committees. The followings are some of the interactions with other departments.
• Department of Mining and Trade: Industrial Tours, Training Courses, Technology Tours
• Department of Education: Establishing a development center to educate and traing students, and holding joint events
• Co-operative and Social Welfare Department: Training for unemployed job seekers such as a summer with job taste and ideas
• Municipality: Interacting to develop services and products of growth center companies, use of advertising capacity, and implement joint programs

Measures done by the Center in line with the saffron industry:
Torbat Heydarieh region is the largest producer of saffron in the world, making it the most valuable crop in the region. Focusing on different areas of the industry has been at the center's agenda from the beginning and in this regard, the center has tried to utilize existing capabilities while helping to develop the industry, creating new products and creating added value for the product that has enabled several companies to operate in the field which is an evidence to this subject. Adjacent to the saffron institute, it provided an opportunity to jointly implement programs for this valuable product at domestic and international levels, including those that could provide consulting services to companies in the field, Saffron Industry Tour, the partnership of the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Commerce pointed to the mechanization of saffron processing and holding the first technology of the saffron industry market.

Measures done by the Center for the Silk Industry
Silk is also one of the most valuable products in the region, where the city of Torbat Heydarieh is the leading producer of raw silk in the country. Unfortunately, despite the significant volume of raw yarn production in the region, the industry was not technologically advanced, so even the process of converting raw yarn into textile yarn took place outside the province, which increased final product price and diminished its competitiveness. The Center's efforts to develop this industry include the establishment of a Silk Industry Development Workgroup in the city with the presence of the related authorities in the industry. There are also several companies working in this field that have developed the technical knowledge of the process of converting raw yarn into textile yarn and converting this industry waste into valuable products of these companies and have received the attention of provincial and national officials.

Green Committee
One of the new approaches of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology is to focus on green management, energy saving and energy supply from new and clean sources. The unit has been preparing reports on the actions and providing them to the related Ministry and the Budget Management and Planning Organization. Given the importance of green management in universities, this unit has taken the following steps:
• Formation of Governing Council for Green Management at the University and holding relevant meetings
• Obtaining the approval of the board of trustees for the construction of a private solar power plant on the campus of Faizabad
• Measures to reduce energy loss in the university engine room, and installing double glazed windows and ...
• Performing necessary measures for drip irrigation of university green space
• Measures needed to develop a strategic management document
• Planting plants with less water requirement and adapted to the climate of the region
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